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2022-01-17: News Headlines

Staff (2022-01-17). Apple browser bug could lead to personal data leak. rt.com A vulnerability in the Safari 15 browser allows malicious programs to track people's internet activity and reveal their identity | A recently disclosed Apple Safari 15 bug can be used by nefarious sites to extract people's browsing history and obtain their Google ID to collect more personal data, a fraud detector reports. | The problem

David Swanson (2022-01-17). Talk World Radio: Jared Ball: The Rebranding of MLK. warisacrime.org AUDIO: Talk World Radio is recorded as audio and video on Riverside.fm. Here is this week's video and all the videos on Youtube. VIDEO: This week on Talk World Radio we're talking about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., media, activism, and related topics with Jared A. Ball, who is a Professor of Communication and Africana …

Mike V Kinney (2022-01-17). Remembering: GAIL BERKLEY- Editor of Post News Group. indybay.org The passing of a great African-American news editor-Gail Berkley of the Oakland, CA. Post News Group…

WSWS (2022-01-17). Hostages released and suspect dead after 10-hour standoff in Texas. wsws.org British national Malik Faisal Akram was killed after the last of his four hostages was freed at a synagogue in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on Saturday.

Pavan Kulkarni (2022-01-17). Resistance against military coup in Sudan continues despite crackdown. peoplesdispatch.org Despite increasing violence by the security forces, the US and its regional and Western allies as well as the UN have been calling for a dialogue. However, "No Negotiation, No Compromise, No Power-sharing" remains the slogan on the streets…

Christian Pena (2022-01-16). High unemployment among African Americans. america.cgtn.com When it comes to unemployment in the U.S., the numbers for black Americans far exceed the numbers for whites. Mike Kirsch reports.

Editor (2022-01-16). Unions allege petrol bombs, intimidation as strike intensifies at South African Dairy giant. mronline.org Amid threats and intimidation, the workers' action at Clover has been strengthened by worker solidarity as well as the increasing support of civil society for its boycott campaign.

Mike V Kinney (2022-01-16). Remembering: GAIL BERKLEY- Editor of Post News Group. indybay.org The passing of a great African-American news editor-Gail Berkley of the Oakland, CA. Post News Group…

teleSUR, HIM (2022-01-16). Conoce 7 frases del luchador por los derechos civiles Martin Luther King. telesurtv.net Por sus causas de lucha y activismo social y antirracista Martin Luther King mereció el premio Nobel de la Paz en 1964.

ecns.cn (2022-01-16). Pakistan assumes chairmanship of Group of 77 and China. ecns.cn Taking over from the Republic of Guinea the leadership of the Group of 77 (G77) and China for 2022, Pakistan assumed its duties on Friday.

ecns.cn (2022-01-16). Kenyans to start using Chinese-built expressway in March: official. ecns.cn Kenyans will begin using the Chinese-built Nairobi expressway in March, three months earlier than anticipated, an official said on Friday.

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-01-16). Zionism & Imperialism Feed Off of the Vile Conditions They Create. libya360.wordpress.com Rainer Shea Last year, Israel came under unprecedented international scrutiny when it launched a campaign to bomb Gazan civilian centers, including prominent buildings within the city, in response to rocket attacks from Hamas. Defenders of Israel's actions cited the fact that the Hamas attacks put Israeli civilians in danger in addition to military targets, implying that this means Israel…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-01-16). Corona Totalitarianism and the Masses. libya360.wordpress.com Carlos Fazio The massive acceptance of the draconian rules imposed by various governments in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic could lead to a new totalitarian system. A technocratic system of transhumanist ideology, with the eventual ensuing atrocities that would be justified under the banner of collective welfare. According to this hypothesis of Mattias Desmet,…

Tamara Nassar (2022-01-16). Arab authors boycott Emirates festival hosting Israeli. electronicintifada.net Palestinians condemn "desperate" attempt to force normalization with their oppressors.

sputniknews (2022-01-16). Mass Demonstrations in Support of Russia Held Across Mali, Youth Organisation Leader Says. sputniknews.com MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Thousands of people have participated in a demonstration in support of Russia in Mali's capital, Bamako, a youth organisation leader told Sputnik.

sputniknews (2022-01-16). Somali Government Spokesman Wounded by Explosion in Mogadishu, Reports Say. sputniknews.com According to the report, the incident occurred outside the official's house. So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

ecns.cn (2022-01-16). Tanzania launches Chinese financed project to enhance civil aviation safety. ecns.cn Tanzanian authorities on Friday launched the enhancement of the civil aviation safety oversight systems project financed by the Chinese government for 1 million U.S. dollars grant.

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